Hi!  My name is Jesse, and I maintain this blog.  I guess that was kind of obvious from the title though, eh?  I am a business intelligence hack of all trades, meaning that I know something about a lot, but I don’t know a lot about something.  I routinely use tools such as PowerBI, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, and Integration Services to integrate, clean, and reorganize business data.  My mission is to make it easy for the managers in my organization to utilize data in their decision making process, and if my data products don’t make it easier to utilize data or lead end users to the wrong decision because of the data, then I have failed my mission.

Outside of work, I have several hobbies that all compete for my time.  First, I am the de facto leader of the WausauPASS local group.  This group meets monthly, and more details are available on the website.  Second, I am a fledgling speaker on SQL BI topics.  Last year I spoke at a few local groups, and this year I plan to speak at two SQLSaturday events as well as several local groups.  Finally, I also enjoy working out, gaming, hunting, and grilling/BBQing (real BBQ, not the fake Wisconsin BBQ which is just ground beef in sauce cooked in a slow cooker).

My IT career spans 16 years and counting, and I have filled almost every role imaginable.  I’ve been a help desk technician, an on-site PC technician, a server administrator, a DBA, and a BI developer.  I’ve also worked in the business side of an IT consulting service in purchasing, marketing, and web development.  My passion has always been discovering new insights via data, so when I got the chance, I made the move to a BI position.