SQL Saturday #631 – Wausau, WI (#sqlsatwausau) After Action Report

Normally, I write these posts much faster, but I immediately left the country after SQL Saturday Wausau.  I wasn’t sure if there was going to be an angry mob with torches and pitchforks coming my way so I boogied on down to Mexico for a week.  🙂

The event went very well with no major problems.  We learned a few lessons, and there was definitely room for improvement.  We had 91 attendees come to the event and we had 15 speakers presenting.  I haven’t seen the event evaluations yet as I am still waiting for the volunteer that volunteered to tabulate them but judging from the email response I got and the Tweets that I saw, everyone had a great time and learned a lot.

We had speakers from all over come to our small community to share their knowledge and experience with us.  It was definitely an event that got a lot of people excited about SQL Server.  Yes, I know I have said this a lot, but I am still super grateful for all the speakers and sponsors that came together to help make this event happen.  In my opinion, this event was extra special because we held it at a technical college and a lot of the IT students came to the event and got to meet experienced professionals.  I think I counted over 10 IT students at the event.

I also presented at the event, which a lot of people said was a mistake.  However, I had a super fantastic group of volunteers that kept the boat afloat while I was giving my session.  If I hadn’t had their help, I don’t think this event would have gone as smoothly.  I still haven’t read my speaker evals yet either because of still being in vacation mode, but my audience all laughed and had a good time.

At this point, the big question is whether or not I will organize another SQL Saturday next year.  My biggest fear this year was not raising enough money to cover all of the costs.  This year we had leftover funds, so that makes it easier to commit to doing another event next year.  It’s not a lot of money for the next year event, but it’s definitely a start.

So will I organize another event?  You bet!  Be sure to mark down November 10, 2018, on your calendars because SQL Saturday is coming back to Wausau – just as soon as the ink dries on the facility agreement 🙂

Thanks again to all those who attended, volunteered, spoke, and sponsors.  A second big thank you to my core team for putting up with me through the months of organizing this event and most importantly to my wife who volunteered to stuff bags and cut Speedpasses while I was at work!

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