SQL Saturday Madison – Guess Who’s Speaking?

Today is a pretty big day for me.  First off, I have been selected to speak at SQL Saturday #604 in Madison, WI.  I have spoken at local groups before, but this will be the biggest stage in my public speaking career so far.  The event is exactly 30 days away so I need to write my code, put together my slides, and practice my delivery in that time frame.  I am very excited about this opportunity as public speaking in the data analytics space is certainly something I have been trying to develop, but at the same time, the prospect of speaking to 30-40 people who are likely all more intelligent than myself and more experienced than myself is making me nervous.

The session itself is 75 minutes, which means I have an hour for my material, and 15 minutes for Q&A.  I am certain than if it runs a bit short no one will mind the extra time to hit the restroom and the refreshments area.  I am also slotted for the first session following lunch.  This means that my brain will be taxed by the morning sessions because there are some good ones that I want to go to.

I am also suffering a bit from impostor syndrome.  I know I know how to build a data warehouse, but what I don’t know is if my technique and demo represent the most efficient or best performing way.  On the other hand, that doesn’t really matter because it is a beginner session on just building data warehouses.  It is more important to my session to demonstrate concepts such as fact vs dimension table, slowly changing dimensions, and the overall process of building a data warehouse.

I hope you will all come and see me, and keep your expert level questions to a minimum!  🙂

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  1. Good luck Jesse! Don’t worry and enjoy it 🙂

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