SQLSaturday Wausau

Welcome to the SQLSaturday Wausau information page.  On this page you will find details and links to various aspects of this event.  As we approach the event date, this page will be updated with the latest news and information.  Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often or better yet, bookmark the event site!

Countdown to SQLSaturday Wausau

What is SQLSaturday Wausau?

SQLSaturday is a globally branded event that seeks to provide one full day of free training on MIcrosoft SQL Server and related topics.  Attendees can attend for free, or they can pay a modest fee to have lunch at the event.  Speakers are all volunteers that are not being paid to speak at the event.  This particular event is being held in Wausau, WI on 9/16/17 at Northcentral Technical College.

Information for Attendees

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Information for Speakers

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Information for Sponsors

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