Start Here

So you’re new here, right?  If so, use this little checklist to make sure you hit all the important content.  This page will be updated as content is publishes so that you can always use it as a road map to all the good bits.

1. Get to Know Me

Be sure to swing by the About page in order to get to know a little bit about me and my background.  This is important not because I am an egotistical maniac, but so that you understand where I am coming from in my writing and so I can establish some credibility with you.

2. Choose a Category and Explore!

Most of my blog posts are sorted into categories.  Pick one that interests you and dive in.

Business Intelligence – This category deals with business intelligence concepts that are tool neutral meaning they apply just as well to the Microsoft BI stack as opposed to Oracle/SAP or another toolset.

Professional Development – This category deals with the more soft skills such as communication, leadership, and productivity.

SQL Community – This category deals with news and update relevant to the SQL Community.