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So it’s been a while since I posted here.  It’s not because I don’t want to blog; I very much do.  The problem is figuring exactly what to write about.  I thought about doing technical posts, but then realized that I don’t have all the answers or even the best answers.  I thought about talking about professional development, but don’t really feel qualified.  I could talk more about my upcoming presentation at SQL Saturday Madison, but that would just be blowing my own horn a bit too loud.

Someone once told me that to create an epic blog post, you have to solve a problem.  But if you don’t know what problems your audience face, how can you solve them?  Sure I could blog about problems I solved or things that I built.  I guess if I have problems than other people probably have those same problems but then again, why blog yet another solution to that problem?  Especially if I used someone else’s solution to solve the problem.

I then thought about building an open source ETL framework and blog about that process.  And that is as far as that went.

The last thought I had was putting together a series of blog posts of the big picture view of business intelligence and how each piece of the Microsoft BI stack fits in.  But I can’t even answer that question yet.

So, what to write about?

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  1. Hey Jesse,

    I’ve struggled a lot with this myself. When you’re not sure what problems people have, you can try to attract people whose problems you can solve. Here are a few ideas that might get some interest:

    1) What’s the last thing you learned how to do?

    2) What’s something that surprised you when you learned it? (For me it was when Adam Machanic told me that the SQL Server DB Engine considers EXISTS logically the same as IN. I always thought EXISTS was faster.)

    3) What’s something you wish you could do over, and how would you do it differently?

    4) What’s one thing you’d tell someone that would make even a small difference in how they work or think?

    Just put it out there. The disconnect you’re feeling is that your posts have to be epic. (I know the feeling well — I’ve foolishly allowed it to stifle a lot of potential posts.) Don’t sweat that, just get a groove going, and when the epic idea comes, your skills will be up to the task of writing it.

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